6 triangle

Hannah, Diane, and Danielle: Triangle pose

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello, I am a yoga teacher living on Cape Cod, MA.
Cape Cod is a beautiful place to live, surrounded by infinite stretches of beaches and the sea. I have been practicing yoga on the beach most of my life, and on hot beach days I take my yoga practice into the ocean. Practicing yoga in watery surroundings has given me a unique perspective – an experience of deep peace and calm.

In the water, there is a connection to nature like no other, it is a thriving and supportive environment to explore yoga. The practice of poses, posture flows, breathing and meditation in the water gives you a completely new perspective.
Water has therapeutic qualities –  creating floatation, resistance and ease.  Water makes you feel sustained and fully present to a myriad of sensations.

5 boat pose

Danielle teaching Boat Pose

The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea.
In my lifelong love affair with the sea, I have often repeated Isak Dinesen’s quote, and lived by it too. When I was in a car accident years ago, and everything ached, water and yoga were the perfect cures. A good relationship with the sea does seem to cure almost everything,  the aches of the body, mind and soul.  Of course seaside or immersed in water would be my favorite place to practice yoga. Not everyone has access to the ocean, so I have created a water yoga program that can be practiced in the pool. Graduates of my Kind Yoga Teacher Training and I teach water yoga classes. We have developed a yoga practice in the warm water swimming pool for anyone to enjoy.

I hope you will join us soon!
Diane Kovanda

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Alexandra, Diane, Anna and Bobby at Long Beach