Water Yoga Videos and Photos

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”
― Anaïs Nin

“You’re not a wave, you’re a part of the ocean.”
Mitch Albom

Just for fun ~ a few videos you may enjoy:

Water Yoga in the Pool

Beach Yoga Warrior Flow with Diane

Hannah Demos Warrior Yoga Flow

Yoga on the beach with Diane

Savasana – relaxation pose floating in the pool

Kind Yoga School in the Pool

Hannah teaching Eagle pose in the water

Danielle demos tree and water crane pose

Danielle teaching water yoga using edge of pool

Hannah demos yoga poses in the pool holding the bar

Danielle demos yoga in the pool, using the rings for Cobra and Boat

Kind Yoga school in the pool

Hannah teaches Dancer pose

Demo of Paddle board Yoga

Big Thank You to Drew at Cape Cod Rehabilitation for taking such fantastic videos and photographs!